Prosthetics in El Paso, Tx

Prosthetics in El Paso, Tx, or sometimes called prostheses, ‘are artificial body parts which are used to replace body parts which have been lost due to disease, injury, or birth defect. Prosthetic replacements for a wide assortment of body parts are available, from artificial legs to glass eyes, and the functionality of prosthesis can vary.’

Typically modern prosthetics in El Paso, Tx are made out of various materials such as advanced plastics and carbon-fiber composites. There are three basic components to prosthetic limbs, the pylon, the socket and the suspension system.

According to, ‘the pylon is the internal frame or skeleton of the prosthetic limb. The socket is the portion of the prosthetic device that interfaces with the patient’s limb stump or residual limb. And the suspension system is what keeps the prosthetic limb attached to the body.’

Prosthetics are made by prosthetics. Since everyone and every case is different, the prosthetics that are made are unique to that person. The prosthetic must understand who the limb is for. They must take detailed measurements to ensure that the limb is conformed to them and pay careful attention to any muscles, tendons and bones that will interact with the prosthetic.

Prosthetics can be designed in a number of ways. Cosmetic prosthetic limbs are designed to match the appearance of who the limb is made for. Others may be designed for function and usability. In addition, these limbs can be controlled with cables connected to other parts of the body or with motors controlled by the user.

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