Our Products

Here at Custom Orthotics & Prosthetics in El Paso, TX, we offer a wide variety of orthopedic and prosthetic devices available to make your everyday life easier. These are a few of our common devices that we have available. Feel free to call or stop by our office for more information on these products or any other products for your particular orthopedic or prosthetic needs.
Hinged AFO
Hinged AFO (AFO stands for ankle foot orthotic) braces have a hinge that connects the ankle piece to the foot piece and are more suited to foot shaping needs and for individuals who need to build strength by moving the ankle in a natural up-and-down motion. But to get a better understanding of Hinged AFO, we have to understand what AFO braces are. These types of braces are any external orthopedic equipment that limits the movement of the ankle joint and supports part of the foot, all of the foot and part of the ankle or the entire ankle.
AK Prosthesis
AK Prosthesis (AK stands for above knee) is an artificial replacement of the leg that extends all the way to the thigh/area above the knee. It replaces the knee, leg and foot area of the person who wears it. They can be made out of advanced plastics and carbon-fiber composites, and consist of three different parts (the pylon, the socket and suspension system). Like other prosthesis AK prosthesis may be removable.
Leather AFO
Leather AFO (AFO stands for ankle foot orthotic) serve the same purpose of any other AFO expect they are made out of leather. The purpose of the leather design is to provide a greater immobilization when it is needed. On the inside of the AFO, it is lined with soft leather and is padded to cushion the bony areas. The outside leather is stiffer and more durable to provide sturdiness to the ankle foot area.
Neuropathic Walker
A Neuropathic Walker, or sometime referred as Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker (C.R.O.W.), are worn to assist in the healing process of diabetic foot ulcers. These C.R.O.W. Boots are rigid, lightweight and comfortable when the user is wearing them. Typically these boots are made from bivalve thermoplastic shell that is lined with soft foam. The boot consists of two other elements, the insole and the walking sole; thus making it comfortable to walk in and eliminating the need for footwear in the shoe.
Plastic & Metal KAFO
Plastic & Metal KAFO (KAFO stands for Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis) is a long-leg orthosis that spans the knee, the ankle, and the foot in an effort to stabilize the joints and assist the muscles of the leg that is made out of plastic and metal. Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis are prescribed for people with knee or quadriceps muscle weakness when an AFO does not provide enough sustainability in the foot or ankle area or does not reach the rest of the affected areas.