El Paso’s Orthotic Braces Clinic

Orthotic braces are designed to control, support and correct areas in the body that are out of alignment, or have an inappropriate angulation. It is important that the diagnosis and design of the best type of orthotic braces are applied to the body.

Common orthotic braces for your feet are:

-Pressure relief devices – these reduce or eliminate the pressure experienced by an imbalance in one or more areas of the body. Most commonly is the bottom of the foot. Special shoe and/or foot braces can help alleviate the pressure.

-Foot orthotics – specially made devices that are custom made to mold to your feet as inserts applied to your shoes. They may be recommended for a variety of reasons. If you are experiencing diabetic foot problems, metatarsalgia, or need pressure relief from sports, these foot orthotic braces can help. People usually have the habit of transitioning the bulk of their weight to one side of their body as they stand or sit for long periods of time. As the years go by and the habit of this is reinforced, a person may be causing a wearing down of the foot that usually receives the bulk of the body weight.

-Ankle foot orthotic braces are designed to support the ankle and foot from improper alignment. The brace molds to the shape of the ankle and addresses the problems being experienced specifically.

Consulting a local podiatrist is the best way to have all your questions and concerns answered. They can help to asses the specific issue and recommend the best treatment to be applied to support and correct the issue.

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