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Medical Braces in El Paso, TX

Patients Come First At Our Office

Here at Custom Orthotics & Prosthetics, we understand how important it is to have our patients come first. Our patients come to us with a variety of needs and our compassionate staff helps them in seeking the best orthotic or prosthetic method. Our patients are met with staff that possess the knowledge and experience in handling a variety of related matters. Applying the best orthotic and prosthetic device requires extensive knowledge about the anatomy and structure of the body ligaments. We are proud to serve every patient with the capacity of this knowledge. Every patient is different and so are the needs that they may have. With this in mind, we strive to carefully assess the issue so that we may apply the best orthotic or prosthetic device. We work hard to gain the respect and reputation that comes from diligent attention to our patients of all ages, races, color and creed. We understand the difficulty that a person may be experiencing from having to undergo an amputation. There are psychological and physical “re-training” methods that we understand and apply to our patients. We all experience different specific ailments that can hinder our progress performing daily activities, but here at Custom Orthotics & Prosthetics, we individualize our devices with the lifestyle and daily habits that each person has. Patients come first in everything that we do. We offer a variety of orthotic braces to treat feet, knee, back, leg and arms. Customer service is what our office thrives on and we often have clients coming to our office based on the recommendations of their friends and family.

If you have any questions about how our patients come first when handling orthotics and prosthetics in El Paso, TX, visit us here at 3901 Montana Ste. C. Or you can call us at (915) 566-3440.


Prosthetic Treatment Center in El Paso

Questions For Your Prosthetic Treatment Center in El Paso

There may be many different questions surrounding a recent amputation. It is normal to have concerns about all the factors surrounding the need for an artificial limb. Your local prosthetic treatment center in El Paso can help guide you along the psychological and physical process. You may be wondering what happens after the amputation? Will your prosthetic limbs make life like it was before? A prosthetic limb is a replacement for a missing body part. Your artificial limb will never work as effectively as your natural limb, however you can still enjoy a productive life. Patients visiting a prosthetic treatment center in El Paso will be encouraged to apply their personal energy and willpower into the learning of the new prosthetic limb. The best recommendation for new amputees receiving treatment, is to work with the prosthetic treatment center in El Paso in order to have the best design of therapeutic treatment and training for your new limbs. How do prosthetic limbs stay on? It depends on the type of amputation and physical need that you have. If you live a very active lifestyle, you will need to be more careful in keeping your prosthetic device securely fitted to the residual limb. There are many different types of braces, straps and even suction type ways to sustain the artificial limb to the rest of the body. Your prosthetic treatment center in El Paso can asses your individual needs and recommend the best fitting device for your need. If for any reason, the prosthetic limb is not fitting correctly, you can always re-visit your physician and test out variations in better types of fitting and shapes conducive to your body. You may also need to schedule continuous visits with your physician depending on your age and the growth your body may be experiencing.

If you have any questions about prosthetics in El Paso, TX, visit us here at 3901 Montana Ste. C. Or you can call us at (915) 566-3440.

El Paso’s Orthotic Braces Clinic

Orthotic braces are designed to control, support and correct areas in the body that are out of alignment, or have an inappropriate angulation. It is important that the diagnosis and design of the best type of orthotic braces are applied to the body.

Common orthotic braces for your feet are:

-Pressure relief devices – these reduce or eliminate the pressure experienced by an imbalance in one or more areas of the body. Most commonly is the bottom of the foot. Special shoe and/or foot braces can help alleviate the pressure.

-Foot orthotics – specially made devices that are custom made to mold to your feet as inserts applied to your shoes. They may be recommended for a variety of reasons. If you are experiencing diabetic foot problems, metatarsalgia, or need pressure relief from sports, these foot orthotic braces can help. People usually have the habit of transitioning the bulk of their weight to one side of their body as they stand or sit for long periods of time. As the years go by and the habit of this is reinforced, a person may be causing a wearing down of the foot that usually receives the bulk of the body weight.

-Ankle foot orthotic braces are designed to support the ankle and foot from improper alignment. The brace molds to the shape of the ankle and addresses the problems being experienced specifically.

Consulting a local podiatrist is the best way to have all your questions and concerns answered. They can help to asses the specific issue and recommend the best treatment to be applied to support and correct the issue.

If you have any questions about orthotic braces in El Paso, TX, visit us here at 3901 Montana Ste. C. El Paso, Texas 79903. Or you can call us at (915) 566-3440.

Orthotics in El Paso Helps Runners

El Paso is a hotspot for avid runners from all over the city. We have spacious roadways that accommodate long distance runners either training for competition such as a marathon or for those of us who are just trying to stay in shape. Either way, it is good for our local residents to know how orthotics in El Paso can help runners maintain podiatric strength while avoiding injury. A good pair of orthotics may help to alleviate many of the common foot and leg problems that long distance runners’ experience. The use of good orthotics in El Paso can successfully address common injuries such as rolling the foot, pronating or supinating your ankle. Whenever your foot improperly strikes the ground consistently over the distance of many miles, you may be adversely developing a harmful habit that needs to be addressed with proper orthotics. The right podiatrist offering orthotics in El Paso will encourage their patients to stay in shape by walking or running with the help of the right orthotics. Custom made orthotics can be made especially for those who need a special fit for their particular foot issue, however it can be a costly endeavor that the insurance company most likely will not cover. The upside of owning a pair of custom made orthotics is that they are likely to last a person for many years after purchase. Many local runners can find what they are looking for to help give them added support for the pounding their feet are getting with over the counter orthotics in El Paso. Visiting a local podiatrist can guide a runner towards your best option for finding the extra padding that will help your feet and not add any extra bulk to the feet as they run.

If you have any questions about orthotics in El Paso, visit us here at 3901 Montana Ste. C. Or you can call us at (915) 566-3440.