Artificial Limbs in El Paso

The Main Components of Artificial Limbs in El Paso

Artificial limbs have improved from the former bulky materials such as wood and leather banding, into advanced plastics and carbon-fiber composites. Modern artificial limbs in our southwest region are improving the lives of our local residents with prosthetic limbs that are lighter and stronger. With the use of the latest technology artificial limbs in El Paso are more controllable and adapt better at the functioning of gripping and walking.

The main components of artificial limbs are:

  • The pylon- This is the internal frame of the artificial limb. The pylon is a structural support utilizing metal rods and in some cases lighter carbon-fiber composites. The cover can be shaped and colored to match the skin tone of the recipient.

  • The socket – this portion of the prosthetic ligament is the part that interfaces with the residual limb that needs to be conjoined with the artificial limb. It is fitted with precision in order to ensure the most secure fit but not so much to cause irritation or damage to the skin. Often, a soft lining will be placed on the socket area to protect the recipient’s residual limb as well as to secure a better fit.

  • The suspension system – this system is designed within the artificial limb to keep the limb attached to the body. It may come in several different types. You can have a harness, straps, belts or even a suction system for an airtight seal that will keep the prosthetic limb in place.

Most artificial limbs in El Paso will consist of these basic components in some form or another. The specific styles and shapes may vary depending on the type of amputation that was performed. Whether the amputation was performed above or below the major joints makes a big difference in the type of artificial limb in El Paso that our local residents will receive.

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