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Orthopedic Braces, El Paso, TX

Orthopedic braces in El Paso, TX are braces that are designed to ‘Immobilize a joint or body segment, restrict movement in a given direction, assist movement, reduce weight-bearing forces, or correct the shape of the body.

There are many different types of orthopedic braces out there today. Some of the more common braces that you will see include: knee braces, ankle braces, elbow braces, just to name a few. Basically anything that deals with orthopedics; there can be a brace for to help you out.

But the bigger question that remains when it comes to braces is who needs them? Well there are a variety of reasons why someone might need an orthopedic brace. One of the common reasons for this is due to ailments. People who suffer from arthritis and osteoporosis may be subject to these types of braces. The braces help them live a more active life, without the worry of much pain or restriction in their daily lives.

Another reason why someone might need orthopedic braces is due to some type of injury. They can be used during the recovery period and/or to prevent future injuries. Depending on the severity of the injury, the brace may be need for a short or long period of time. Just remember that each case is different when it comes to one of these braces.

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Prosthetics in El Paso

Prosthetics in El Paso have certainly come a long way. It is really incredible to see what has been accomplished in this industry. One of the reasons that it has come such a long way is because of the technology that is available today. Here is one story on how technology in prosthetics is changing the field.

U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant Hanes Sides lost his hand while he was serving a tour over in Afghanistan. He wanted to get his life back to normalcy despite the lost of his hand. He did have a prosthetic hand but it was not functioning the way he wanted it to. He would have to move his thumb around on the prosthetic if he wanted to grab or pick something up.

However that is not a problem for Sides anymore. Sides’ prosthetic is now under the control of an IMES system, or also known as an implantable myolelectric senor system. This type of system uses ‘electrodes implanted within a patient’s remaining muscles’ to help the mobility of the thumb or other limbs that people might have trouble moving around.

The different between this system and other prosthetics in El Paso that may be seen is where the sensors are placed.  In an IMES system, the sensors are implanted inside the muscles of the patient whereas sensors in other systems are placed on the skin. Yes the limb will be able to move and have some function but not the same function and mobility to properly move all fingers as with the IMES system.

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Knowledgeable Medical Staff in El Paso

Picking a knowledgeable staff is something you should really consider when looking for a doctor that deals with orthotics and prosthetics. We have compiled a list of things that you should look for when it comes to a knowledgeable staff in this type of medicine.

One of the things to be on the lookout for when it comes to a knowledgeable staff is picking one that has the right credentials. We recommend that you visit the doctors and staff that you have in mind in person. That way you can see their credentials in person rather on rely on what they say through the phone.

Another thing to do when you visit these places in person is ask questions. Come up with a list of question beforehand that you can ask. You should try to ask questions that you already know or can research to see if their answers match with the research you have already done. This should give you a better understanding of them and what they are about.

But the best way to find a knowledgeable staff is finding one that knows about you and your condition. You want to go to a staff that deals with cases and situations like yours. This is where you put your needs first. Figure out which one of the doctors and knowledgeable staff you will feel most comfortable doing business with.

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Knee Braces in El Paso

Knee braces in El Paso is something you might want to look into for many different reasons. The purpose of knee braces is to provide support for an injured knee or help mobility to a knee that is painful to move.

There are four common knee braces in El Paso that you should know about. They include:

  • Prophylactic braces are designed to protect knees from any kind of injuries that result in contact in sports.

  • Functional braces are designed to give support to knee that are already been injured.

  • Rehabilitative braces are designed to limit knee movement that can cause harm while an individual is recovering from surgery or a serious injury.

  • Unloader/offloader braces are designed to provide relief to individuals who have arthritis in their knees.

These types of braces can be made out of various types of material. Some can contain metal, elastic material, foam, plastic and/or straps to help provide support to the knee, without the brace falling out of place.

It is important to remember that with these different types of knee braces in El Paso, they all are made for different purposes. You should always consult a physician or licensed, trained personnel to see if you do need a knee brace for your condition and help you figure out which knee brace is best for you and your situation.

If you have any questions about knee braces in El Paso, visit us here at 3901 Montana Ste. C. Or you can call us at 915.566.3440.